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About Us

About Us

Bharatiya Institute of Management & Professional Studies is committed to bringing the professional elements of Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Polytechnic, Information Technology, programmes along side professional education - Computer Education & Spoken English with Personality Development Programmes amongst the private educators in India, with the primary aim to provide high quality education at competitive prices with rigorous academic standards. We aim to deliver high quality programmes to help our students successfully gain places at the best jobs around the world.

At BIMPS, we believe the quality of education should not only be written in words, but is taught through Real Education – Real Learning in our programmes, teaching materials and methods. We are particularly proud of the flexibility in our programmes, which deliver the needs of the real world.

BIMPS will lead in student success. We will provide a superior-working environment for our faculty and staff, and through them, an exceptional learning environment for our students & society. Students will be attracted to the challenging yet supportive experience we create.

BIMPS will provide high quality programmes and services that will contribute to success in tomorrow’s workplace and society. We will work in collaboration with our communities and optimize the unique relationship with our university partner, as we focus on excelling as a national institute.

Students at BIMPS are expected to come from many states of India and studying in BIMPS is an experience in itself. With our knowledgeable academicians, we give academic rigor, an exciting range of programmes, sharing extensive and excellent student facilities, and an enjoyable environment that will make your education here unique. We look forward to welcoming you to the truly national & international educational experience that awaits you at BIMPS.

Bharatiya Institute of Management &
Professional Studies (BIMPS)

Premghan Marg, Welleslyganj,
Mirzapur Uttar Pradesh 231001 India

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